Friday, March 18, 2005

Saving Face at SFIAAFF

NAATA must be so proud of the great opening night screening of Saving Face at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. There was a big crowd outside the Castro Theater as we arrived, and as we entered the theater we were disconcerted by all the folks who seemed to be reserving seats for others. Then, we realized that we were being total rubes, and that the "purses" in the theater chairs were actually gift bags! SFist has hit the big time, folks, and y'all are here to witness it.

SFIAAFF: Saving Face


Blogger longtimeago said...

Saving Face 目前在台灣放映的計劃嗎?

19/3/05 15:20  
Anonymous cp said...

another piece on SFist...

is that Alice in the second picture?

15/4/05 00:01  
Anonymous mk said...

hi longtimeago,

we are checking with Alice and SONY right now, we have informed them about the Asian La La Fest in Taipei in Aug. But it might be too early to say as yet. SONY wants to see how the opening weekend looks like, how much interest...we need to bring everyone to see the film and have a great box office success first.

15/4/05 00:15  
Blogger yy said...


22/4/05 10:44  

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