Saturday, April 16, 2005

Join us to share your coming-out story

徵文:你的come out故事

電影中,Wil跟母親come out的一幕相信讓許多人都動容。

在此我們想邀請大家寫下自己come out的經驗,讓更多的coming-out故事可以讓更多人看見。(請用comment功能回文。)

Join us to share your coming-out story as it's one of the themes of the film.

You can submit your pieces as comments to this post.


Anonymous Yaya said...

At some point in life, there is just no more OUT and IN. All the doors disappear, or you can't feel them any more.

I feel that any kind of label becomes a burden, even being a homosexual, because it takes away the freedom of being ANYTHING.

And being what's true to myself cannot be described by words.

5/5/05 19:09  
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