Monday, April 04, 2005


[This is in from an email from the director, Alice]

I was getting ready to fly from LA to SF this past Saturday morning when I get a call from Joan:

"Hey, do you want to drive up to San Francisco with me?" Joan had been shooting in Pasadena and was going to drive home that day with her 6-year-old daughter Angela. (Note: I will write a future sidebar on Angela who may be the more precocious child in the universe.)

"Damn, I'm already at the airport."

We then proceeded to have one of our wacky conversations that eventually got me shushed from a neighboring couple.

Flash forward a few hours. I had gotten off my uneventful flight (props to Jetblue) and was eating dim sum in the city. Perhaps it was the food, perhaps it was a sense of responsibility (or perhaps it was the chip Joan has implanted in my head), but I suddenly thought I'd check on her.

"You WOULD NOT BELIEVE what happened to me," she said. "I was an hour and a half outside the city and I'd pulled over to get gas, when I realized that my MY WALLET WAS BACK IN PASADENA! I had left it in the hotel safety deposit box. So here I am stuck on the side of the road with no gas, no money, no credit cards."

What did you do?

"I had to BEG! I didn't want Angela to worry, so I acted like this was a game. I said, 'Okay Angela. This will be like an Al Gore test. We will watch people pull into the station, and decide which ones seem kind and generous. Like campaign donations. I ended up approaching three sets of people. They looked at me a little suspiciously at first. I had to point and say, 'Here is my daughter. Here is my luggage. Here is my car.' But finally, I got $8, then $5, then $10. Enough to make it back to Pasadena."

WOW. So I offer this up. If any of those people someday read this, and can send a picture of themselves that Joan can confirm, I will buy you a ticket to see SAVING FACE. Come see the woman that you saved star in the film coming out this summer.

Over and out -


Blogger onigiri said...

Ha. That's hiliarious. Might Joan and her daughter be interested in sketch comedy? LOL.

8/4/05 16:37  
Anonymous Yaya said...

You never know who you might have helped!

13/4/05 23:17  

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