Friday, April 15, 2005

SAVING FACE at Florida Film Festival

Steve Schneider from Orlando Weekly movies:

Chen's beleaguered Ma looks out at the modern Western world through eyes of quiet terror; by demonstrating that such terror can be as funny as it is poignant, Wu and company have laid the groundwork for an opening night you won't be in a hurry to forget.

Roger Moore from Orlando Sentinel

East meets West, gay meets straight and an unplanned pregnancy threatens to bring shame on everyone in the delightful Saving Face, the opening-night film of this year's Florida Film Festival. Imagine The Wedding Banquet without quite as much food, or The Graduate where Mrs. Robinson is Chinese and pregnant and likable and you have an idea of what writer-director Alice Wu is getting at here.


Anonymous Yaya said...

Conventional? No, the family tie might be old-fashioned, but what shines through the characters are never too ordinary to discover.

16/4/05 00:15  

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