Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Facing Forward" on AlterNet

I think we all had a good time at NYU yesterday with Lynn Chen joining us to talk about her being part of SAVING FACE. For those who didn't get the chance to join us, don't miss this interview with Lynn on AlterNet:

"Facing Forward" by Zack Pelta-Heller.

It'd good if we could all help collect news clippings from our local newspapers and put them here to share with others.

The opening weekend box office is important to help the film gain national exposure. Monday is the last day to make this box office record and we still have some numbers to catch up. We'd like to suggest that if you plan to go seeing the film, do it this Monday. And don't forget to send ticket stubs to join the SAVING FACE LA LA CONTEST.

Theater information and showtime in Irvine/Los Angeles/Pasadena area are available here.

For NYC showtime, check out Angelika and AMC Empire 25.

Let's make an effort together to bring SAVING FACE to other cities!


Blogger audreydrew said...

I am lucky enough to have seen "Saving Face" on its opening night in NYC at the theatre on 42nd St. I loved it so much I saw it at the Angelika the next day. Quite a few performances were sold out, which is exciting and well-earned. I have especially enjoyed Mr. Pelta-Heller's review and am glad that Alternet readers will now know that such a good film is out there. Joan and Michelle were superb and I can't wait to see more work by Lynn. Alice Wu is amazing!

31/5/05 04:01  

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