Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Kissing Vivian Shing" on NY Times

Quote from the article:

"I didn't pick this script; this script picked me," Mr. Zee [who was the president of Overbrook Entertainment, Mr. Smith's production company] said. "You don't set up to do something crazy like this." " 'Saving Face,' " Mr. Zee explained, was "an awakening for me about the Asian-American experience in Hollywood, because I was always such a part of the studio system. Every day there are actors coming in who are Chinese-American, who don't get an opportunity except to play prostitutes or waiters."

Read Ed Leibowitz's "Kissing Vivian Shing" on (May 29, 2005) for more stories about the production of the film.
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Blogger cornflakes said...

Lynn & Michelle,i was captivated by the beauty of the whole relationship.The intensity was well beyond words.Those moments,irresistable.They brought out the charm in their characters so tastefully.I wonder,after this movie, will Michelle and Lynn contemplate about being gay.I'll be the first who'll be all over her.-Fiona.

29/5/05 15:57  
Blogger yy said...

[from 聯合新聞網]

華裔導演伍思薇 新作面子上映


華裔導演伍思薇執導的「面子」27 日開始上映。這是 1993年的「喜福會」後,第一部由好萊塢出資,完全描繪美國華人的電影。


這部片子幕前幕後的經歷都非常特別,連兼任製片的超級巨星威爾史密斯都嘖嘖稱奇。事實上,「面子」得以問世是拜一些意想不到的因素所賜,包括微軟公司奇怪的業務計劃、華美電影界新出現的積極作風,甚至利用賣座巨片「全民情聖」 (Hitch) 在曼哈坦上空拍片的直升機順便取景。



她給自己五年時間,並搬到紐約上課,學習她所謂的「游擊製片」。2002 年在劇本老師指點下,她用「面子」參加好萊塢「亞太娛樂聯盟」舉辦的比賽,並脫穎而出。

29/5/05 18:09  

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