Friday, May 13, 2005

Opening dates of SAVING FACE

LA - 5/27
It opens the weekend of MAY 27 at the SUNSET LAEMMLE 5, the WESTSIDE PAVILION, PLAYHOUSE (Pasadena), TOWN CENTER (Encino), and the SOUTH COAST VILLAGE (Costa Mesa).

NY - 5/27
It opens the weekend of MAY 27 at the ANGELIKA (in Soho) and the AMC 25 (on 42nd Street).

It opens the weekend of JUNE 3 at the Landmark EMBARCADERO,
the UA STONESTOWN Twin, the Landmark SHATTUCK (Berkeley), PALO ALTO SQUARE,CinéArts @ Pleasant Hill (Formerly CENTURY 5), SANTANA ROW (San Jose) and MARIN (SAUSALITO).

BOSTON - 6/10

A few more cities to come.


Anonymous jw said...

Does anyone know how long the movie will be on in SF? My gf and I will be in the area for a few days in mid June and we want to catch this movie. Thanks!

15/5/05 16:26  
Anonymous reiko said...

hopefully it'll still be in the theaters then - if it does well box office wise, then it definitely will be!!!

15/5/05 16:49  
Anonymous Mimi Tiemi said...

Wow! I think that Alice just did a perfect movie! Touching, human, the same way that emotionaly reachs you, it makes you laugh too! And Michlle, Joan and Lynn performance just couldn't be better! Congrats to everyone related to this movie, cause it's worth to watch! Bye! (Mimi)

18/5/05 07:42  
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