Friday, May 20, 2005

SAVING FACE LA LA CONTEST - La your friends to this movie la

Count Down to the Opening of Saving Face: 7 days!

Bring your friends to the theater watching SAVING FACE on the Memorial Day weekend and enter to win a coffee/tea time with the director or one of the actresses.

Just invite all your friends to one (or more) of the Saving Face screenings during the opening weekend Friday May 27 to Monday May 30, 2005 in NYC. Collect ticket stubs from your friends and mail them postmark by June 1st, 2005 to:

Institute for Tongzhi Studies
532 La Guardia Place #595
New York, NY 10012.

The person with the most ticket stubs will be the winner. Winner will be announced on the Saving Face BLOG by June 6, 2005.


Blogger cornflakes said...

alright.this is making me really green right now cause i dont have a chance to watch this flim,except having to go through the trailers over and over again just to immense myself in Alice's extraodinary creation & I CAN'T WIN A CHANCE TO GET OUT WITH MICHELLE LYNN & ALICE!!! its so infuriating.Fiona's getting mad.I want Saving Face and I want a dinner date with them. This flim rocks da house!!!

29/5/05 16:01  
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