Friday, May 27, 2005

SAVING FACE opens today!!

Let's all go to theater.

New York:
  • Angelika (in Soho)
    Times: 11:00/1:00/3:15/5:30/7:45/10:00/12:00
  • AMC 25 (on 42nd Street near 8th Ave)
    Times: 11:30/1:40/3:55/6:10/8:25/10:40

Los Angeles:
It will open in SAN FRANCISCO and SAN DIEGO on June 3, with Boston, Seattle, Chicago, etc following soon after. (The later dates are tentative depending on how well we do in the first few cities.)


Anonymous Amy said...

Does anyone know if it's gonna be out on DVD? Cuz i wanna keep it...i heard the fastest DVD comes out three months after the movie comes out, don't kno if that's true..

28/5/05 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How was the opening? Did anyone see the cast and/or the director?

28/5/05 06:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it'll probably be out on DVD a few months after the film is done in theaters - make sure you buy it from Sony and not some bootlegger off the street....
i saw the film in nyc and it was sold out!!!!

28/5/05 08:45  

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