Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Traditional? No way" on LA Times

Quote from Scarlet Cheng's interview with the director, Alice, in "Traditional? No way" on Los Angles Times (May 27, 2005):

Although she [Alice] did not set out to make a "message film," she observes, "we so rarely see Asian American characters on screen who are allowed the full range of emotions. I think that's why people relate to this film: They forget everyone's Chinese — and it's because they're behaving just like people!"


Blogger cornflakes said...

I've been anticipating this flim ever since i stumbled upon it on a queer website.the story line is romatically inspiring and tasteful.The best of the lesbian movies I have ever ever ever seen.
I love how each scene is so well planned.I could feel the vibes and synergies of the Michelle and Lynn.
Its fantastic,I hope to see it in sydney soon.-Fiona Ting

29/5/05 15:43  
Blogger yy said...

"'SAVING FACE' BY WOMEN BORN OF TAIWAN PARENTS DEBUTS IN U.S." on Central News Agency news (Taiwan).

29/5/05 18:12  

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