Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Great news from Alice

[Deliver the latest message from Alice. Great great News. :D]

Hi there.

Some GREAT news. We had a smashing opening weekend in New York and LA and ended up with the 2nd Highest Per-Screen Average at $16,510 per screen (just below Star Wars, but ahead of the other dozen or so blockbusters we were competing with)! It was terrifically gratifying to see all the sold-out shows. Many thanks to all of you for helping get the word out! It's kind of amazing how well this grass-roots support is working -- and we have you guys to thank for it.

So this week (June 3), we open in the San Francisco Bay Area and in San Diego. We continue to stay in New York and LA. It would be excellent if you could spread the word to anyone in those four cities for this coming weekend. There really is an excitement in the audiences about being the first to see the film, and who doesn't want to catch the wave early?

Still gunning for those Siths,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's excellent news! i'm going to go see it tomorrow with a friend in san francisco so i'm VERY excited.

i also want to say thank you for making this blog.

2/6/05 21:31  
Anonymous Anne Vuong said...

I love the movie
It was so great, so funny and unique. AS a Asian my self, I always feel resposiblity to act right under ppl eyes. The movie connected to me in ways that I cant hardly say. Really good, and I am going to watch it again :)

10/8/05 11:35  

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