Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Theaters for June 3

So we have more screenings in more theaters now. The list of cities are renewed. Some are just tentative planned. Please check your local listings for last minute changes. The blog team here is trying our best to keep you posted about the locations of the coming up screening.

Here are theaters for June 3:

San Francisco / Bay Area
Don't miss the PARTIES!!!
San Diego
Los Angeles

New York

Enjoy the show!


Blogger remix said...

are they going to put out the soundtrack because i really liked all the songs in the movie

2/6/05 01:05  
Blogger remix said...

what about parties in NY?! i mean it doesn't have to be parties, it could be any sort of get together..i dunno..i just thought it would be nice to chill with some people who also really liked the film.

i'm also doubly sad because i missed the discussion session at NYU with Lynn Chen and the sad thing is i go to NYU. = (

2/6/05 01:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there a possibility of even a wider release? like say, arizona?

2/6/05 09:17  
Blogger a.c.z said...

great film. I wanna show it at my school next year and possibly invite Alice to give a talk. Who should I contact and how? I go to Wellesley, by the way, and live in Flushing during the summer.

4/6/05 13:29  
Anonymous Jade said...

Hi Cage Bird,

Institute for Tongzhi Studies, the host of this BLOG, is drafting a plan for post-theatrical educational efforts. They would be able to help contacting Alice.

You can write to:

5/6/05 02:04  
Blogger a.c.z said...

Hi Jade,

5/6/05 04:11  
Anonymous j said...

the link to the parties doesn't work anymore. does that mean i missed them??

6/6/05 15:15  
Blogger yy said...

hi j,

those parties were held last weekend.

but thanks for the message, we've fixed the link.

6/6/05 18:53  

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