Friday, March 18, 2005

Saving Face at SFIAAFF

NAATA must be so proud of the great opening night screening of Saving Face at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. There was a big crowd outside the Castro Theater as we arrived, and as we entered the theater we were disconcerted by all the folks who seemed to be reserving seats for others. Then, we realized that we were being total rubes, and that the "purses" in the theater chairs were actually gift bags! SFist has hit the big time, folks, and y'all are here to witness it.

SFIAAFF: Saving Face

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Welcome to the Saving Face BLOG!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Saving Face BLOG. We host this blog for collecting information and news of the film "Saving Face". "Saving Face" is a story of the journey of mutual understanding of a mother and a daughter. It's a story of contemporary and cultural taboos, love, honesty, and respect. It’s also the first American theatrical release film featuring an Asian American lesbian couple.

We have various reasons to support "Saving Face" and recommend it to you. Besides wanting to increase Asian lesbian visibility, combating homophobia through mass media, ensuring the support for Asian American films, promoting the director Alice Wu as an out lesbian filmmaker, we also share the message Alice tries to say with the film; that is, EVERYONE WANTS TO LOVE, and IT'S ALWAYS NOT TOO LATE TO LOVE.

The film was sold-out at its world debut last fall in Toronto and received high marks at the Sundance Film Festival and is expected to offer broad appeal when it opens in theaters in May. We are looking forward to seeing you join us in the theater this May. It indeed is a film for everyone.


Mai, YY, Bin
Institute for Tongzhi Studies, CUNY

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