Friday, June 24, 2005

Alice on The Laura Flanders Show tomorrow

We just heard that Alice will go on The Laura Flanders Show on Air America Radio tomorrow eve (Sat., June 25th). You might be interested in catching the show.

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SAVING FACE opens in more cities

Happy Pride!

Saving Face is still going strong. It is now in 44 theaters around the country, targeting to break $500,000 this weekend. Week #4 box office total increased 23% from week #3. It is striving upward.

Be sure to tell friends and relatives in the following cities about the film's opening date. (Please double-check your local listings for changes.) And don't forget the film is still playing in many cities, do tell everyone you meet! We are making history, one person at a time!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Updates on theaters

Current theaters for Saving Face are in: (as of Jun. 17)

  • Angelika
  • AMC Empire 25 (on 42nd Street)
  • Chelsea Cinemas (NEW)
  • Brroklyn Heights Cinema (in Brooklyn) (NEW)
  • Cinemart 5 (Forest Heill) (NEW)

  • Manhassett Triplex (Manhassett)) (NEW)
  • Malverne Cinema (Malverne) (NEW)
  • Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington) (NEW)
  • Cinema 100 Quad (Greenburgh) (NEW)

  • UA Stonestown Twin (San Francisco)
  • Piedmont Theatre (Oakland)
  • CineArts@Pleasant Hill (Formerly Century 5 Pleasant Hill)
  • Embarcadero Center Cinema (San Francisco)
  • Albany (Albany)
  • Marin (Sausalito)
  • Century 25 (San Jose)
  • Century Cinema 16 (Mountain View)
  • Los Gatos Twin (Los Gatos)

  • South Beach (Miami Beach) (NEW)
  • Gateway (Ft Lauderdale) (NEW)
  • Shadowood Square (Boca Raton) (NEW)

  • NOTE: It will open in Orlando (Maitland/Enzian theater), Sarasota, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Key West, Naples, Daytona, Gainseville etc in following weeks.

  • Angelika (Dallas) (NEW)
  • River Oaks (Houston) (NEW)

  • Note: Austin and San Antonio to follow.

  • Criterion (New Heaven) (NEW)
  • Garden Cinema (Norwalk) (NEW)

  • Garden Twin (Princeton) (NEW)
  • Chairidge sixplex (Montclair) (NEW)
  • Red Bank Arts (Red Back) (NEW)
  • Montgomery (Belle Meade) (NEW)

  • Harvard Square
  • West Newton(Newton)

  • Harvard Exit (Seattle)

Los Angeles
  • Laemmle Town Center 5(Encino)
  • Mann Rancho Niguel (Laguna Niguel)
  • Century Stadium Promenade 25 (Orange)
  • Century Downtown 10 (Ventura)
  • Landmark Westside Pavilion (Los Angeles)
  • Regent Showcase (Los Angeles) (NEW)
  • Pasadena Playhouse (Pasadena)
  • Edwards University Town Center 6 (Irvine)

  • Riviera (Santa Barbara) (NEW)
  • Rialto Lakeside (Santa rosa) (NEW)
  • The Camelot (Palm Springs) (NEW)
  • Cinemas Palme D'Or (Palm Desert) (NEW)

Check showtimes near you at

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Theaters for June 10

SAVING FACE stays in the same theaters in New York and San Diego, adds a few in the San Francisco, Bay Area and LA, and opens in SEATTLE, CHICAGO and BOSTON. Please double-check your local listings for last minute changes.


San Francisco / Bay Area

San Diego

Los Angeles

New York:

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Never underestimate the power of the Chinese Mother Network

[This is from Alice.]

Last night, I took five of my mom's closest friends to dinner to thank them for their incredible support. These women have rallied friends, co-workers, children ("So-and-so's daughter has made a film, and you are going to see it! Study for finals later.") and slathered the Bay Area in posters. At one point, my Auntie Janet asked how the film was doing. "Really well," I said, "We had a second strong weekend at the box office and we're opening in more cities." She nodded sagely: "Never underestimate the power of the Chinese Mother Network."

How true that is.

Thanks to everyone for your support! The filmmaker in me hearts the Chinese mother in all of you.


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Monday, June 06, 2005

LA LA CONTEST announcement

Thank all participants. We have a winner here. A. G. of New York has sent in 26 ticket stubs and won a coffee break with Lynn on the Institute for Tongzhi Studies. Congratulations!

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Alice in ASIAN POP

Jeff Yang, the author of "Once Upon a Time in China: A Guide to the Cinemas of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China" and co-author of "I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action" and "Eastern Standard Time", kicks off his new column "Asian Pop" on SFGate with "Saving Face" and the creator of the story, Alice:

Wu's directing is artful and remarkably assured for a first-time filmmaker, and she writes snap-crackle-pop dialogue that'll have you nodding with recognition when you're not laughing out loud. The performances, particularly those of the three female leads, are charming and heartfelt, with Joan Chen showing a remarkably deft comic touch as Wil's bun-in-the-oven mom.

So, see it to watch a canny veteran actress and two bright young ingenues at the top of their game. See it because the romantic comedy section of the Asian-American cinema shelf is about three films deep, and ours is a community that needs to wear our hearts on our sleeves more often.

Or, well, see it because two gorgeous young women have a frankly hot love scene that had me rubbing the steam off my spectacles.

As Wu says herself, it's got a little something for everyone. So, yeah, check it out.

Read more of Jeff's "Alice in Indieland" on

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Theaters for June 3

So we have more screenings in more theaters now. The list of cities are renewed. Some are just tentative planned. Please check your local listings for last minute changes. The blog team here is trying our best to keep you posted about the locations of the coming up screening.

Here are theaters for June 3:

San Francisco / Bay Area
Don't miss the PARTIES!!!
San Diego
Los Angeles

New York

Enjoy the show!

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Great news from Alice

[Deliver the latest message from Alice. Great great News. :D]

Hi there.

Some GREAT news. We had a smashing opening weekend in New York and LA and ended up with the 2nd Highest Per-Screen Average at $16,510 per screen (just below Star Wars, but ahead of the other dozen or so blockbusters we were competing with)! It was terrifically gratifying to see all the sold-out shows. Many thanks to all of you for helping get the word out! It's kind of amazing how well this grass-roots support is working -- and we have you guys to thank for it.

So this week (June 3), we open in the San Francisco Bay Area and in San Diego. We continue to stay in New York and LA. It would be excellent if you could spread the word to anyone in those four cities for this coming weekend. There really is an excitement in the audiences about being the first to see the film, and who doesn't want to catch the wave early?

Still gunning for those Siths,

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Attention Californians! (Revised2)

APIQWTC and NAATA Proudly Presents a very special
"SAVING FACE" Premiere Weekend! June 3 and 4

It all starts opening night. GO SEE THE SHOW - writer/directer Alice Wu will be present for a Q&A with the audience. Afterwards, come schmooze with her at the "Meet and Greet" Party. Noshables will be provided along with a cash bar. This is a FREE, all ages event!

9PM - 11PM
Bar 333
Park Hyatt
333 Battery Street
(Across pedestrian bridge from Embarcadero Cinema)

APIQWTC along with the promoters of PersuAsian Hosts
The Official "SAVING FACE" Kick-Off party!

10PM -2AM
TRIPLE L (Ladies Love Lounge)
at The Cat Club
1190 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

There will be "SAVING FACE" give-a-ways and more!

--More about SAVING FACE and Alice Wu--

"Opening Night film and winner of the Audience Award at the 2005 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival"

Select showings of the film SAVING FACE will include appearances by its writer/director Alice Wu. She will speak with audiences at evening screenings on Friday and Saturday, June 3 & 4, at Embarcadero Cinema in San Francisco. Wu also speaks at Shattuck Cinemas in BerkeleyALBANY TWIN theater in Albany on Sunday, June 5, late afternoon and early evening shows. More details are available on the respective information lines: 415/267-4893, 510/464-5980 and at

Writer/director Alice Wu's romantic comedy stars Michelle Krusiec as Wil, an overworked medical resident living in Manhattan who meets Vivian (Lynn Chen) and begins an exciting new relationship. Trouble is, she's afraid of her widowed mother Ma (Joan Chen) finding out. All goes well until Wil discovers Ma on her doorstep--she has also been living a secret life and is pregnant and unmarried, which is not acceptable in their traditional Chinese-American community--and the worlds of family, love, lust and secrets come together.

Writer/director Alice Wu was born and raised in San Jose and earned a bachelor's and master's degree from Stanford. She directed the short film Trick or Treat (2002) and SAVING FACE is her first feature film.

Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema, One Embarcadero Center, San Francisco
Friday and Saturday, June 3 & 4, 2005, both evening shows ­ Alice Wu in person
Tickets are $10.00 and available at the theatre box office; Information: (415) 267-4893

Landmark's Shattuck Cinemas, 2230 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Landmark's Albany Twin Cinemas, 1115 Solano Avenue, Albany
Sunday, June 5, 2005, late afternoon and early evening shows ­ Alice Wu in person
Tickets are $9.50 and available at the theatre box office; Information: (510) 464-5980

(Note that the film continues its engagement with daily showings after these opening night events.)

SAVING FACE also opens at these additional locations:
UA Stonestown Twin (San Francisco)
CinEArts @ Marin (Sausalito)
CinEArts @ Palo Alto Square (Palo Alto)
CinEArts @ Pleasant Hill (Pleasant Hill)
CinEArts @ Santana Row (San Jose)

Please check your local listings for details.

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Box Office numbers for Saving Face

Box office numbers for "Saving Face". Not bad. But what does Sony think?

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