Monday, May 30, 2005

Some News Reports in Chinese

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Facing Forward" on AlterNet

I think we all had a good time at NYU yesterday with Lynn Chen joining us to talk about her being part of SAVING FACE. For those who didn't get the chance to join us, don't miss this interview with Lynn on AlterNet:

"Facing Forward" by Zack Pelta-Heller.

It'd good if we could all help collect news clippings from our local newspapers and put them here to share with others.

The opening weekend box office is important to help the film gain national exposure. Monday is the last day to make this box office record and we still have some numbers to catch up. We'd like to suggest that if you plan to go seeing the film, do it this Monday. And don't forget to send ticket stubs to join the SAVING FACE LA LA CONTEST.

Theater information and showtime in Irvine/Los Angeles/Pasadena area are available here.

For NYC showtime, check out Angelika and AMC Empire 25.

Let's make an effort together to bring SAVING FACE to other cities!

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"Traditional? No way" on LA Times

Quote from Scarlet Cheng's interview with the director, Alice, in "Traditional? No way" on Los Angles Times (May 27, 2005):

Although she [Alice] did not set out to make a "message film," she observes, "we so rarely see Asian American characters on screen who are allowed the full range of emotions. I think that's why people relate to this film: They forget everyone's Chinese — and it's because they're behaving just like people!"

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"Kissing Vivian Shing" on NY Times

Quote from the article:

"I didn't pick this script; this script picked me," Mr. Zee [who was the president of Overbrook Entertainment, Mr. Smith's production company] said. "You don't set up to do something crazy like this." " 'Saving Face,' " Mr. Zee explained, was "an awakening for me about the Asian-American experience in Hollywood, because I was always such a part of the studio system. Every day there are actors coming in who are Chinese-American, who don't get an opportunity except to play prostitutes or waiters."

Read Ed Leibowitz's "Kissing Vivian Shing" on (May 29, 2005) for more stories about the production of the film.
(You need to become a member to access to their website.)

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Friday, May 27, 2005

SAVING FACE opens today!!

Let's all go to theater.

New York:
  • Angelika (in Soho)
    Times: 11:00/1:00/3:15/5:30/7:45/10:00/12:00
  • AMC 25 (on 42nd Street near 8th Ave)
    Times: 11:30/1:40/3:55/6:10/8:25/10:40

Los Angeles:
It will open in SAN FRANCISCO and SAN DIEGO on June 3, with Boston, Seattle, Chicago, etc following soon after. (The later dates are tentative depending on how well we do in the first few cities.)

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

SAVING FACE in the news (New York)

Check out "Confused in Queens" written by John Clark of NY Daily News. Also, view the interview by George Whipple of NY1 in the premiere night online.

And don't miss the interviews with Alice, Joan, Michelle, and Lynn about their characters and the film. It's all ABOUT "Saving Face".

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Few Ways to Help

  1. Send film opening announcements to all your e-groups. (see sample announcement below)
  2. Call/text people on your phone memory to check in and make a date to see Saving Face together.
  3. Organize group outings to go see Saving Face during Memorial Day Weekend, a dinner afterwards would be perfect.
  4. Invite friends from out of town for the long weekend and take them to the Saving Face parties around town.
  1. Host a house party for your favorite community groups and bring them to the movie.
  2. Write to editors of magazines, newspaper, and online entertainment sites requesting coverage of the film.
  3. Internet Voting
    20% voted on Movie Nation said they will never watch it, not even on a plane! Thus they bring down the voting average. Let's VOTE!
  4. Chat with your seat-neighbors in the theater and get them to sign up to the community efforts. (One way is to give them our BLOG address or, if they are nice, get their email address.)
  5. Media watch - share links of reviews with the BLOG.
  6. Share your ideas about how we can help bring the film to a national release.

Sample Announcement to send to your friends/e-groups

SAVING FACE - NYC opening 5/27
at the ANGELIKA (in Soho) and the AMC 25 (on 42nd Street)

Saving Face is a heartwarming romantic comedy centered on a mother and daughter's journey through mutual understanding and affirmation. First time filmmaker Alice Wu gave up her computer programming career to pursue the dream of making films. She created this surprisingly charming and personal piece while writing with her mother. It's also the first American theatrical release featuring an Asian American lesbian couple.

Watch a trailer --
Community blog --

The film was treasured at its world-debut in Toronto and was a triumphant sensation at the Sundance Film Festival this year. A thriving buzz is building in communities around the country.

So join us help support the film during its opening weekend so it has a chance to go national and therefore help build visibility for our communities.

Save the date! May 27-30, 2005!

Saving Face community BLOG Team

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May 28 Saving Face Community Chat in NYC

Let's all do Saving Face together Sat May 28, early after screening and go
to the community chat to meet new friends.

Institute for Tongzhi Studies is hosting a community chat time so we can just talk talk talk about the film, about Lynn and Michelle, about Alice and Joan, and we just received confirmation that we will see one of them there!

Date: Sat. May 28, 2005
Location: 721 Broadway, NYU TISCH School of the Arts, ground floor Common Room
Time: approximately 3pm to 6pm
Light refreshments will be served
Please bring your ticket stub to enter the event

Direction to the Sat. May 28 community chat time:

Walk 4 small blocks north on Mercer and turn right (East) to Washington Place. Then turn left (north) on Broadway. TISCH is on left side just before Waverly Place.

>>From AMC 25
Take N/R/W to 8th Street, walk south on Broadway past Waverly Place. TISCH is on the corner of Waverly Place and Broadway.

Please check the SAVING FACE BLOG for last minute details.

Hope to see you there.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

SAVING FACE LA LA CONTEST - La your friends to this movie la

Count Down to the Opening of Saving Face: 7 days!

Bring your friends to the theater watching SAVING FACE on the Memorial Day weekend and enter to win a coffee/tea time with the director or one of the actresses.

Just invite all your friends to one (or more) of the Saving Face screenings during the opening weekend Friday May 27 to Monday May 30, 2005 in NYC. Collect ticket stubs from your friends and mail them postmark by June 1st, 2005 to:

Institute for Tongzhi Studies
532 La Guardia Place #595
New York, NY 10012.

The person with the most ticket stubs will be the winner. Winner will be announced on the Saving Face BLOG by June 6, 2005.

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Raffle announcement

The Institute for Tongzhi Studies (ITS) received $130 from raffles. Thanks for everyone's support. Artist and activist from Beijing, Shi Tou drew the three winners tonight at Q-WAVE meeting. Congratulations to Thunder, Mari, and Ming.

ITS will donate 30 tickets to Saving Face to organizations serving low-income queer youth/seniors. Please email us to recommend your favorite queer youth/seniors organization in New York City.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Opening dates of SAVING FACE

LA - 5/27
It opens the weekend of MAY 27 at the SUNSET LAEMMLE 5, the WESTSIDE PAVILION, PLAYHOUSE (Pasadena), TOWN CENTER (Encino), and the SOUTH COAST VILLAGE (Costa Mesa).

NY - 5/27
It opens the weekend of MAY 27 at the ANGELIKA (in Soho) and the AMC 25 (on 42nd Street).

It opens the weekend of JUNE 3 at the Landmark EMBARCADERO,
the UA STONESTOWN Twin, the Landmark SHATTUCK (Berkeley), PALO ALTO SQUARE,CinéArts @ Pleasant Hill (Formerly CENTURY 5), SANTANA ROW (San Jose) and MARIN (SAUSALITO).

BOSTON - 6/10

A few more cities to come.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Upcoming festivals

SAVING FACE opens Boston Gay & Lesbian film festival tonight (May 11 @ 8pm). Alice will be there.

There are also two screenings in Seattle International Film Festival on May 26th and 27th. Check out the venues and tickets information. Alice will attend the screenings, too.

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Passport2Taiwan this Sunday in NYC


Thank all who stopped by our table on May 8th. We've met Alice, Lynn (aka Vivian), Brian (aka Xiao Yu) and many others who want to see the film. It was a thrill, wasn't it?

There will be another exciting event coming this Sunday. And guess what? Our beloved director, Alice, will join us again and talk about SAVING FACE on the stage. So you know what to do next, of course. Mark the date and be there!

PASSPORT TO TAIWAN @ Union Sq. Park North

Sunday, May 15th, from 11am to 6pm

Look for the booth with names of Taiwan Center and Institute for Tongzhi Studies.

Join us and get a "Saving Face" Raffle that brings you the chance to win some interesting prizes.

Get a "Saving Face" Raffle

And enter for the chance to win the following exciting prizes:

First Prize - a pair of FREE tickets to the Saving Face Premiere, including the post-screening party

Second Prize - a pair of FREE tickets to the Saving Face opening weekend screening

Third Prize – a Saving Face movie poster

Be sure to leave your contact info with us so we may contact you should you be one of the lucky winners. Also, we'll let you know when and where discounted advance tickets will be on sale.

Raffle drawing will be held during the monthly meeting of Q-wave on May 20th at CUNY. Winners will be announced and contacted via email no later than Saturday May 21.

When buying a raffle ticket you are entitled to our complementary booklet: Beloved Daughters (while supplies last).

Raffle tickets are $5 each. Or $20 for 5 raffles.

All proceeds from the raffle will benefit Asian queer youth and queer women media projects supported by Institute for Tongzhi Studies, CUNY.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

See you this Sunday at Union Sq. Park in NYC

Come to join us with Alice and Lynn and many others to celebrate the 26th annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival.

Sunday, May 8th, 2005
from 12-6pm @ Union Square Park, New York City
Look for the booth with names of Q-WAVE and the Institute for Tongzhi Studies.

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